Save the date! EWC Bootcamp 13 December 2018

Save the date: 13 December 2018

Meeting Venue: Holiday Inn Airport hotel

European Works Councils have been around for a while. Since the beginning it has been a delicate art of balancing between the legal obligation to set up an EWC, and the question which role the forum really could play within an organisation. And the debate is still on: are European Works Councils a threat to companies that have to set them up or are they a new opportunity?

For a very long time many organisations were unsure as to what the EWC would mean and in what way it would change their organisation for the better or for the worse.

The Presence Academy has created the EWC Bootcamp for people running European Works Councils who want to learn how the forum can become an opportunity for all stakeholders.

This 1-day hands-on event puts your EWC on the EWC Roadmap, a tool based on our experience of working with hundreds of EWCs for more than 20 years.

Built from the feedback from managers, employees, EWC experts, trade unions, ... the EWC Roadmap aims to make your European Works Council UNIQUE. This way, your EWC will not only bring value to your company, it will also be firmly anchored in law.

During our next EWC Bootcamp, we will use the Whirlpool EWC as a practical example to showcase what the EWC Roadmap can mean for EWCs. You will be able to apply the learnings as from the day after the event, and create value for and with your European Works Council.

5 Reasons to come to the EWC Bootcamp

Some lessons from the EWC Roadmap you will walk away with:

Level 1 is the starting point of any European Works Council. It is the level of the “legal requirements and do’s and don’ts”. An effective EWC spends a lot of time making sure that every EWC member knows the content of the EWC Directive, their own EWC agreement, his or her role as a EWC member, etc…A level 1 EWC is reactive.

First reason to attend the EWC Bootcamp: during the EWC Bootcamp, we will update you on the upcoming review of Directive 2009/38/EC by the European Commission, the implications of Brexit for your EWC and more of the latest developments in the EWC space.

Level 2 is the one that most EWCs tend to forget: the level where objectives and tasks are defined. Where does the EWC want to be in 3 years, next year, by the next EWC meeting? Short, middle and long term objectives are defined with the whole group and linked to workable actions and tasks for all EWC members. Tasks are of course not handed out at random! We take into account the local realities of EWC members so that the right tasks can be assigned to the right person. E.g.: a German EWC member has a lot more provisions at the local level, enabling him to play his role more formally than an EWC member of the Czech republic. However, the latter might work in a small unit and have a morning coffee with the CEO every day! Needless to say, you don’t entrust both of them with the same task, but each of them can make a valuable contribution to overall group functioning. And we go even further in trying to match the right task to the right person: we scan motivations of EWC members to analyse what makes each person “tick”. A level 2 EWC is proactive.

Second reason to attend the EWC Bootcamp: during the EWC Bootcamp, we will build your EWC action plan with objectives and targets adapted to your EWC members. After the session, you will be equipped to finalise it and start applying it to your European Works Council!

Level 3 defines the EWC communications plan. In the past, every European Works Council tried to communicate, but the problem was that, without having carefully defined the objectives and tasks in level 2, this was a rather pointless exercise. In order for communications to work, their content needs to be relevant. In the plan, EWCs need to define: targets, frequency, formats and tools for communications. A level 3 EWC is communicative.

Third reason to attend the EWC Bootcamp: during the EWC Bootcamp, you will learn how you can improve communications with your European Works Council, not only when it is "business as usual", but especially in times of conflict and tension. You will also discover how you can apply new communications technologies to your EWC and save money, time and effort.

Level 4 can only bring real value when the EWC has done its homework in levels 1 to 3. The EWC is now ready to play a strategic role within the organisation. Again, there is no “one-size-fits-all” and what makes the EWC relevant for your organisation, will be UNIQUE and only work for you. It goes without saying that the EWC is a joint body, so the EWC Roadmap needs to be owned by both groups. With all levels of your EWC Roadmap defined: are you ready to start? Yes, if you have made sure that your EWC leaves a legacy. You need to make sure that you build sustainable value. We help you define your way to make sure that the next generation of EWC members continues to benefit from everything that has been achieved so far. A level 4 EWC is relevant.

Fourth reason to attend the EWC Bootcamp: European Works Councils can provide you with invaluable information about your company. EWC members can address senior management directly without any layers in-between. EWCs can also be valuable ambassadors for your company and endorse corporate projects in the field of CSR, H&S, employer branding etc...

Fifth reason to attend the EWC Bootcamp: during the EWC Bootcamp, you will discover all you need to know about EWCs and we will get you on your way with building YOUR EWC Roadmap.

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