Are you organising a large or small corporate event? Presence event intelligence will help you to wow your audience.

Any event should tell a story, inviting people to unlock their thinking and to broaden their views. At the same time, it should fit into the strategy of your organisation and take into account aspects of sustainability. 

We reduce the environmental and social footprint of your event and we make sure it affirms your purpose and commitments.


How does event intelligence take your corporate event to the next level?

  • Original event ideas
  • Inspiring speakers
  • Experienced moderators
  • Trainings
  • Voting systems
  • Interactive event formats
  • Event analytics and ROI
  • Advice and support for maximum impact
  • ...

After your corporate event, event information is vital to assessing whether your event was successful. Our event managers will help you define the KPIs and statistics that reflect the extent to which you have achieved your event’s objective. After it is over, you will know whether your corporate event hit the mark.


"Presence Events is a very professional team of active and dynamic people. They provided us a very pedagogic and instructive help for the management of a virtual event. They pay attention to our demands and have a problem solving oriented mind. We will definitely contact them again in the future."


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