Do you want to hold multilingual meetings from the comfort of your own computer? Presence supports your online and virtual meetings with simultaneous interpretation while you stay put, saving you time and money! 

Listening, asking questions or making comments: online, multilingual meetings are highly interactive and work best when all participants can express themselves in a language in which they feel comfortable. We provide the appropriate set-up for your type of meeting, from screen sharing and recordings to polls and document sharing. 

    The setup of a Virtual meeting 

    How does an online meeting work?

    A virtual platform, computer or smartphone and internet. That is all you need to set up a virtual meeting!

    A virtual meeting is held by using a web browser application or an app that you can download on your computer or smartphone. Through this online meeting software, participants can interact with each other and follow the meeting from home. 

    Simultaneous interpretation might be necessary during your virtual meeting, but in this case the interpreters don't need to be on site, they can work remotely. Via our technical solution, they receive sound in real-time and will be able to provide the participants with interpretation.

    Just like the interpreters, an online technician can be provided during your virtual meeting. He or she will be present before and during the meeting to set up, connect and test the necessary systems. Also during the online meeting the technician will be monitoring everything to make sure your meeting runs smoothly. 

    An online moderator will facilitate the communication between online participants. He or she will make sure that your virtual meeting runs smoothly.

    Note taking is also possible during online meetings. We can make sure the note taker can work from home since he/she can follow the meeting via our streaming solutions.


    Do you have an online meeting coming up?

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    Choose the right platform for your virtual meeting

    A lot is possible these days during your virtual or online meeting. Make sure you choose the perfect interactive meeting platform (like ZOOM, InEvent, VoiceBoxer, KUDO, Teams, ...).

    Are you looking for an overview of all the different features our platforms offer for your virtual meeting? Decide which features your meeting or event should include by using our handy checklist! Depending on your wishes and needs we will advise you which virtual platform suits best!


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    Online meetings with Presence interpreters

    With 20 years’ experience as an interpreting and translation agency, Presence is the expert in professional interpreter and translator services. We can provide interpreters in all world languages, including for online meetings and multilingual conference calls. 

    With our extensive network of native speakers, we can guarantee the highest level of live multilingual meeting support. Do you have special requirements? Tap into our worldwide network of interpreters and audiovisual partners. Are you looking for an interpreter for a specific language combination? Send us your request for simultaneous interpreting solutions for your online meetings. We look forward to organising a tailored solution to meet your language needs! 


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