Are you organising a company visit, guided tour or city walk for your foreign guests? Our interpreters join you, with or without specialist interpreting equipment, to ensure that your guests don't miss a thing.

Liaison interpreting is where experienced interpreters provide a consecutive or whispered interpretation during your tour or walk. Whispered interpreting is possible without any audiovisual equipment for a maximum of 2 persons at the same time. If more people need translation, it is possible to use consecutive interpretation. The interpreter listens to the message in the source language and waits for a pause to translate it to the target language. The disadvantage is that your tour will take much longer as the interpretation does not happen simultaneously. If your audience is larger, we can use simultaneous interpreting with the necessary portable audiovisual equipment. All participants receive a professional headset and the interpreter whispers the translation simultaneously into a microphone. Presence not only supplies the interpreters but also the audiovisual equipment to make it happen!


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Presence, the expert in liaison interpreting

With 20 years’ experience as an interpreting and translation agency, Presence is the expert in professional interpreter and translator services. We can provide interpreters in any language at a location of your choice. 

With our extensive network of native speakers, we can guarantee the highest level of interpreter services. Are you looking for an interpreter for a specific language combination? Tap into our worldwide interpreter network. Send us your request for liaison interpreting. We look forward to organising a tailored solution to meet your language needs! 


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