In an increasingly digital world, online interpretation is gaining importance. Simultaneous or consecutive interpretation: Presence combines professional software with high-quality microphones, headsets and keyboards to ensure that your interpretation runs smoothly. 

Online interpretation offers many advantages, both for the interpreter and for the customer. Are you interested in remote interpretation with no transport costs or delay? Virtual interpreters work flexibly from their own workplace or in remote hubs. As an organiser, you not only gain space in your meeting room, but you save a lot of commuting, significantly reducing your ecological footprint. Sustainable and efficient interpretation: a functional win-win situation! 

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Presence, your expert in online interpretation

With 20 years’ experience as an interpreting and translation agency, Presence is the expert in professional interpreter and translator services. We can provide interpreters in any language virtually. 

With our extensive network of native speakers, we can guarantee the highest level of interpreter services. Are you looking for an interpreter for a specific language combination? Tap into our worldwide interpreter network. Send us your request for online interpreting. We look forward to organising a tailored solution to meet your language needs! 


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