Do you want a convenient summary of your event, conversation or meeting in well-organised minutes? Book a Presence note taker for a clear and concise document that presents the key points at a glance. 

Our experienced note takers attend your meeting or event and deliver minutes in the desired language afterwards. Alternatively, you can submit a video recording or audio file, and our note takers will prepare a clear summary. Do you need a translation of the minutes? No problem! We can deliver the minutes in the source language and provide a professional translation.

Lachende man en vrouw

Presence, the expert in note taking

With over 20 years experience, Presence is the expert in professional note taking in all languages. 

With our network of native speakers, we can guarantee the highest level quality of note taking, whether in-person or on-site. Are you looking for a note taker in a specific language? Send us your request. We look forward to organising a tailored solution to meet your needs!


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