What is Remote simultaneous interpretation (or RSI)

Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) is used to integrate interpretation into online and hybrid meetings and events. It describes the process when an interpreter follows the meeting virtually (from home or a remote hub) via an RSI platform and delivers interpretation simultaneously. Every participant will receive a live video & audio feed from the speakers in their own language. Thanks to the technology of remote simultaneous interpretation, participants, speakers and interpreters can connect remotely and interact in their preferred language from anywhere in the world.

RSI is not new. It has been around for years, but due to COVID-19, the majority of  our clients had to look for alternatives to keep their communication going. Thanks to virtual meetings and remote simultaneous interpretation, they could keep meeting and keep offering multilingual interpretation.


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Why remote simultaneous interpretation?

Why should you choose for remote simultaneous interpretation?

  • Very easy to set up

With RSI you don’t need equipment, interpreters and technical assistance on site. You only need a remote simultaneous interpreting platform like KUDO. Thanks to this setup, you will be able to run events at short notice.


  • Reach participants worldwide

Since events can run remotely, you can reach participants all over the world and you can do this in their own language. Participants and speakers can listen to the content in their own language while your interpreters work from home or from an external hub.


  • Have access to interpreters worldwide

Thanks to remote simultaneous interpretation your interpreter can work remotely, so you will not be limited anymore in terms of availability and language/expertise options. 


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Which remote simultaneous interpreting platform should you use?

Several platforms are available these days, but not every platform offers the same features. We, for example, partner up with KUDO.

KUDO is a very reliable system with a high-quality and user-friendly interface. Their flexibility is a real asset in today's booming market. Their main focus is on optimising end-user experience. That is why they are continuously upgrading the platform and working on new features that truly add value. KUDO is not an ordinary web conferencing platform. It is a remote simultaneous interpreting platform specifically designed to run multilingual web meetings smoothly. 

KUDO offers the latest cloud-based technology, combined with professional interpreting so you can meet globally in your own language. Accessible all over the world and on any device, KUDO has definitely reinvented multilingual meetings!


Some key features:

  • Web & Mobile access
  • Multilingual interpretation
  • Live polls
  • Screen sharing
  • Document sharing


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The setup of a Virtual meeting 

How does remote simultaneous interpretation work?

A remote simultaneous interpreting platform like KUDO streams real-time language interpretation to participants’ computers, tablets and smartphones so everyone can join & interact from anywhere in their own language.


For what kind of meetings can you use remote simultaneous interpretation?

EWC meetings

Connect all your delegates across borders and inform them with the latest company updates. Moderate discussions, launch polls and show the results, and share feedback in a live chat. And this according to the highest security principles, in a fully remote or hybrid setup.

Corporate meetings

Connect easily with your colleagues from other nations via an online platform and use remote simultaneous interpretation to enable them to communicate in their own language. The interpreters connect via the RSI platform and interpret from home or from a remote hub.

Conferences and online events

RSI allows you to host conferences and events online and hybrid, where interpreters don’t need to be on site and participants can easily join virtually. This helps you to save time and to optimise your budget, while improving accessibility and audience participation.

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