Additional services

If your business is keen to take on new initiatives that involve hosting guests from abroad with the prospect of multilingual meetings or business events, it’s likely you’ll have a bunch of practical questions. Would it make sense to jot down the topics discussed so that they can be shared later in a structured format? Will you be handling the note taking at the meeting yourself? And what about the general planning of your meeting or event? Relax, because all-round event partner Presence has got your back! With our many years of practical experience in translation, note taking, meeting organisation and coordination, our top-rate services take all the work out of your hands.

Additional services

Dedicated partner for a wide range of meeting and event services

Presence has been active in the translation and event sector for over 20 years, and is more than happy to act as your dedicated partner for meeting and event support services. Our additional note-taking, organisation and on-site coordination services will ensure your meeting or event is even more memorable. We can call on a strong team of experienced note takers who'll take notes in person on location or draw up notes based on audio fragments. Aside from detailed meeting notes, you can also count on us for all aspects of the organisation and coordination of your meeting or business event. We're your SPOC, project manager and event planner in one. With Presence by your side, you'll be able to enjoy your next meeting or professional event without a care in the world.

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