Audiovisual support and software

Multilingual negotiations, discussions or presentations are only possible with help of a solid toolset. Presence is perfectly familiar with all the technologies and platforms you need to organise a physical or digital multilingual meeting. Microphones, headsets or earphones, meetings via ZOOM, Teams, Interprefy or KUDO, interpreters on location or offering support remotely — Presence can lend a hand with all of these aspects, with a genuine feel for both language and people.

Audiovisual support and software

Looking to organise a company event or meeting on location?

Over the past 20 years, Presence has built an extensive network of tried-and-tested meeting and event locations, hotels, suppliers and MICE professionals. The expertise and experience we bring is invaluable and often exceeds the expectations of our customers. And here's the best bit: we really hit our stride when your audience speaks different languages. We'll provide the necessary interpreters and translations, and we'll arrange all the professional equipment you need, including interpreting booths, tour guide sets and table microphones.

Organising an online meeting or business event?

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