Communication training

Digital communication technology has evolved drastically, making it easier than ever for us to work, communicate and meet online. Unfortunately, this does not mean that poor communication is a thing of the past.

Despite having access to all the necessary communication tools, companies and teams still often struggle to communicate clearly. People are constantly playing catch-up with new forms of interaction, while modern means of communication are continuously changing. Our communication training tackles your team's questions, problems and needs. Our trainers combine insight from linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, NLP and philosophy, and translate it into a practical, interactive communication training course.

Are you interested in communication and persuasion training for your company? Discover Presence training solutions and meet our strategic consulting agency Paradigma.

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What can you expect from our communication training?

  • The principles of constructive dialogue;
  • The principles or multilingual communication;
  • Motivating employees in different teams;
  • The influence of thought patterns on communication;
  • Dealing with negative feedback and conflict;
  • Observing changes in attitude and behaviour;
  • Becoming a good negotiator;
  • Better understanding the norms and values of others;
  • Dealing with communication principles without speaking the other language.

Our communication training helps you improve your communication skills to make the most out of every conversation with your colleagues. Let us know what challenges you face, and we will help your company communicate effectively!

Communication training


Paradigma is a collective of advisers, speakers and trainers from very diverse backgrounds. Its purpose is to study the links between people, organisations and societies.

The first priority is to change the way we think as new dilemmas and new challenges require new paradigms.

The next priority is to create new forms of interaction between individuals and cultures empowering people to make their voices heard so that they really matter.

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