Machine translation with post-editing

Are you looking for a quick and efficient way to translate text? The solution lies in our professional machine translation combined with human post-editing. This two-part translation method is perfect for efficiently handling large volumes, but depending on the content, our MTPE services are also well-suited to smaller amounts. Each translation is tailored to your specific needs.

Machine translation has undergone impressive development in a short period. The Presence Group has been closely monitoring opportunities, challenges and benefits since its inception. This enables us to offer you high-quality, computer-generated translations with optional quality control by our specialised post-editors.

Why choose MTPE?

MTPE is an excellent choice for large translation projects, translations that require clear communication or for translating internal communications in multiple languages. Our advanced translation tools not only deliver great results compared to free online translation services like Google Translate or DeepL, they also ensure the security of your sensitive information - something free tools cannot guarantee.

To find out whether your project is suitable for MTPE or requires a human translation, download our free guide here. We always make sure to offer a free, personalised consultation to ensure that the solution fits your project's unique requirements.

The benefits of MTPE:

  • Speed and efficiency: Our translation software can process large amounts of text quickly and efficiently.
  • Budget optimisation: MTPE is a cost-effective solution that enables the optimal use of your available budget.

The MTPE process

After the initial machine translation, the text is edited by one of our specialised translators or post- editors. This meticulous post-editing guarantees the accuracy and uniformity of each translation.

If you prefer, you can also receive the raw output (machine translation without post-editing). This can be useful when it is sufficient to understand the message in broad strokes, such as for internal communication via emails or chats with colleagues where perfection is not critical. However, please keep in mind that the lack of human quality control means the translation may contain errors.

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Machine translation with post-editing

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The Presence Group has provided top-quality translation services with an extensive network of
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