Online event

Looking to organise a webinar to spread your know-how beyond your niche? Seeking a partner with all the technical tools to host an online event safely and securely? Prefer to outsource the organisation of your digital event so you can focus on its content?

Presence has been a true pioneer since the early days of online events. Today, we take pride in handling every last aspect of the management of digital events both at home and abroad. If you're a believer in online meetings too, we're more than happy to help you make your event for business partners, potential clients or team members happen. Here's what you can expect from our mix-and-match services: Presence will run you through the vast range of options (platform, branding, registration module, website etc.), and you select the exact level of event support you need.

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Step by step towards a memorable online event

We're more than happy to professionally handle all of the following event essentials:

  • Concept creation
  • Platform: identify, compare and select a suitable event platform (such as InEvent, ZOOM or Let’s Get Digital) , including event setup
  • Negotiations with event partners and suppliers
  • Organisational admin: roadmap, master files, templates etc.
  • Attendee admin: draw up lists of attendees, send and monitor invitations etc.
  • Technical support: online helpdesk etc.
  • Event marketing: platform branding in line with your corporate identity, in partnership with an external designer where necessary
  • Event website: registration form, mailing, ticketing etc.
  • Event tools
  • Prerecording: online or in a studio
  • Multilingual support: interpreting and written translation
  • Note taking
  • Training
  • Networking tips and tricks
  • Experienced event partners: digital moderators, hosts etc.
  • Contract and invoice monitoring

In brief, if you're looking for a single point of contact - every step of the way - the Presence team positively delights in targets and deadlines! We are here to take the organisation of your event off your hands, down to the very last detail.

Online event

Presence: your all-round event partner

There's a lot to think of when organising an event; here at Presence, we know that better than anyone. With our many years of experience, secure processes and transparent communication, we can turn your next corporate event into a unique event experience. Live, hybrid or online: we dot the i's and cross the t's so you can present yourself exactly as you intended.

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