Persuasion training

Do you have a good idea, great strategy or interesting new insight, but don't know how to persuade others of its significance? Let us help you tell your story with conviction!

Something obvious to you is not necessarily obvious to someone else. If you are unable to persuade anyone of the usefulness of your idea or strategy, you might as well be talking to a wall. Our main objective is to ensure that when you say something, you say it with persuasion and are heard. Our advisors are experts in neurorhetorics and can teach you to persuade people and make a strong impression.

With Paradigma, you can become a professional in public speaking, using the right body language and psychological techniques, and learn to consciously develop your image.

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Key topics of the persuasion training course

  • Persuasion: how to convince people and recognise manipulation techniques.
  • Negotiation: how to close deals and get people to come around to your solution or point of view.
  • Motivation: how to ensure that everything you do is meaningful and gives you the energy to perform or execute your plans.
  • Presence: the way you write and speak, your body language and your behaviour determine what you can achieve and how you come across to others.

Storytelling for your company

When companies communicate a personal and authentic story, they can relate to customers in completely new ways. It is important to ensure that your story is adapted to your various target audiences.

We can advise you on your storytelling. The right mix of technology will have you successfully communicating in multilingual and multicultural contexts.

At Paradigma, you learn everything there is to know about storytelling and marketing your products and services with authenticity. Let us work with you to establish a solid foundation to help you win the trust of your target audience.

Persuasion training


Paradigma is a collective of advisers, speakers and trainers from very diverse backgrounds. Its purpose is to study the links between people, organisations and societies.

The first priority is to change the way we think as new dilemmas and new challenges require new paradigms.

The next priority is to create new forms of interaction between individuals and cultures empowering people to make their voices heard so that they really matter.

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