Sworn translation

Do you need official documents translated? A sworn translation authenticates the translation of a document in a foreign language. Presence works with a reliable team of accredited, sworn translators.

Birth certificates, diplomas, wills, certificates, documentary evidence in court cases and more: many formal documents in other languages must be accurately translated by a professional who has sworn an oath before the court. Our sworn translators translate every last detail, declare the translation to be correct and complete, and apply their personal stamp and signature to the document.

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Sworn translation

Sworn translation by Presence Group

With 20 years’ experience, Presence is the expert in professional translations. Our network of native speakers guarantees excellent translations in all languages (ex.French, Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian,  Arabic, Russian...) With our extensive global network of native speakers, we can also assist you with more exotic translations.

Do you need a sworn translation? We have all the necessary expertise at hand to deliver flawless translations.

Do you need a sworn translation for official documents?

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