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Since the European Works Council Directive came into effect in 1994, we have seen European Works Councils evolve considerably. Some have succeeded in making a valuable contribution to their organisation's decision-making process, while others have turned out to be little more than information gatherers. Not all EWCs have the same ambitions, but at Presence, we strive to ensure that each one achieves its ambitions.

To this end, we have developed the EWC Roadmap. The Roadmap describes the process EWCs must complete to achieve their goals. The Roadmap has been designed especially to make your EWC meaningful by analysing ambitions, expectations and value systems.

Let us help you turn your European Works Council into a valuable asset!

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How can EWC training help you?

  • Scan your ambitions and expectations with the EWC metrics;
  • Map out your value systems and group dynamics with the EWC Dynamics;
  • Assist with the development of your EWC Roadmap to help you achieve your ambitions.

What training courses do we offer?

Modular EWC training

Does your European Works Council need specialised training? With EWC experts, we have developed hands-on training modules which allow you to put the newly acquired knowledge into practice immediately after the session. Learn about:

  • Dos and don'ts for EWC members;
  • Information provision;
  • Trade union structures;
  • Time management and prioritisation.
Custom EWC training

What if you only want to train a few EWC members or have limited time, and need a custom programme? Do you want to develop a custom Roadmap with a few suitable training sessions to take your European Works Council to the next level? We are happy to develop a custom training programme for you, in collaboration with experts. We will need to get to know your EWC first. Training sessions can be given live or by webcast.

EWC bootcamps

Different positions within the European Works Council require different skills. To that end, we have developed special, hands-on training sessions for EWC managers. Our EWC bootcamps are one-day training sessions that combine learning and networking aspects. We offer updates on EWC-specific legislation, tools and relevant news, such as information on how Brexit will impact EWCs.

Training and advice

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