Don't waste time translating documents. Let Presence translators do the work for you.

Presence helps you with translations from and into every world language and we can manage any language pair or combination: Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, ... just tell us what you need and we will provide it!

One translator (a native speaker with relevant experience) will professionally translate and revise your text. This means that there is no second person involved. This is the perfect solution for  “informal” translations, such as translating PDFs and documents intended for internal use. It is the ideal solution if you plan to take care of the revision yourself or if you’re working on a tight budget. If you would prefer a translation with revision by a second translator, we can arrange that on request.

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What exactly does this type of translation involve?

  • Suitable for translating documents and PDFs intended for any kind of communication
  • Grammar and punctuation check
  • Translation and review by the same translator
  • Translation based on a translation memory


Presence, the translation agency with over 20 years’ experience

With 20 years’ experience, Presence is the expert in professional translations. Our network of native speakers guarantees excellent translations in all languages (ex.French, Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian,  Arabic, Russian...) With our extensive global network of native speakers, we can also assist you with more exotic translations.

Are you looking for a cost-effective translation of documents into one or multiple languages? We have all the necessary expertise at hand to deliver flawless translations.

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