The way meetings are organised is constantly changing. We understand this and offer a wide variety of solutions to accommodate your needs. Do you, for example, want part of your group to physically meet, whilst our interpreters work from a remote hub - a hybrid meeting? If you do then we have the solution for you!

Remote simultaneous interpretation

Our hybrid solution combines the advantages of live and virtual meetings: stakeholders interact during a live meeting, whilst interpreters function without having to travel to the meeting. We arrange for a Presence technician to be present at your venue to make sure that the sound and video signals are sent to interpreters in real time and that all the participants receive real-time interpretation. Remote simultaneous translation and interpretation is the perfect solution for meetings that take a day or more and are held in meeting rooms that are not large enough for translation booths.

Tell us all about your meeting - and our consultants will advise you on what meeting format is best suited to your meeting objectives and budget.

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