As more and more people are vaccinated against COVID-19, we can finally start dreaming and thinking about the post-COVID era. Just like in the beginning of the pandemic, in this period it will be important to keep your team and colleagues informed of new developments.

Since the combination of working at the office and working from home has become the new normal, your communication strategy needs to be adjusted accordingly. In a rapidly changing environment, it is crucial to reach the right employees at the right time with the correct message in the right language. As an organisation, you cannot afford that your employees miss important information, such as company updates or changes in measures.

Every day we help our customers to convey their message flawlessly to their target audience. This can be done in different ways depending on the needs and wishes of the client. We first identify these needs and wishes and then advise the customer with a suitable solution. Below, we describe some of our solutions.

1) Translation with revision

A translation with revision means that your text is translated and revised by a translator who is an experienced native speaker with extensive knowledge of your field. The translation is then sent to a second translator with the same qualifications, who checks the grammar, style, consistency and message. With this method, you have two translators working on your text. This is the only approach in line with the ISO 17100 certification, the quality standard for translation services, which Presence possesses. We recommend this type for external communication, B2C communication, marketing texts, newsletters, etc.

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2) Translation without revision

This is the perfect solution for  “informal” translations, such as translating documents intended for internal use. It is the ideal solution if you plan to take care of the revision yourself or if you’re working on a tight budget.

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3) Machine translation with post-editing

If you are looking for a fast and efficient translation of tables, texts with many word repetitions and short descriptive texts, you can rely on our machine translation. Our professional translation software translates your document, using customer-specific translation memories, if available. The machine translation is then revised by a specialised translator (or post-editor). The translator ensures that the text is clearly and correctly written as a coherent whole. The quality of this type of translation is much higher than free online machine translations such as Google Translate.

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4) Multilingual copywriting & SEO

A copywriter writes a text based on a briefing (copywriting) or from a source text (transcreation). This results in both cases in an original text that addresses the message in the right language to the right target group. Our copywriters write texts according to the rules of SEO and keywords, and we provide the corresponding translations. This service is used for writing newsletters and blog posts, but also product descriptions, e-commerce and web content.

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