HR Events

Presence has long-standing experience organising HR events, European Works Council meetings and conferences all over Europe.


Whether you are part of a trade union federation, an employer organisation or one of the other stakeholders in the HR process, we make sure that your meeting is as efficient as it can be.


We make it happen

Leave the conference logistics to us. You present your event goals during a strategy briefing and our event planners prepare your HR eventEvery element of the event, from the venue to the menu, will be tailored to help you achieve your event goals. Our event concierges can organise your event from A to Z or you can order their services à la carte if you only require their assistance for a specific set of tasks.



We make it matter

Make your HR event meaningful and sustainable.

Our event architects will provide you with tools that create value before, during and after your event.


Content is key

  • speakers who have top-notch expertise in your subject matter
  • invite peers in order to organise benchmark sessions
  • case studies so that you can benchmark with peers
  • workshops for more in-depth discussions

Technology enhances it

  • Combine live and remote audiences
  • Discover what your audience thinks 
  • Involve and engage all participants
  • Improve on your event through event analytics
  • Make your event green by reducing your impact on the planet
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