Multilingual conference calls are common to many meetings and are an essential component to effective business communications.

Our platform allows you to organise a Multilingual conference and add simultaneous interpretation in up to 8 languages. Participants connect to the call by telephone and hear all oral exchanges in the language of their choice. They can intervene in the meeting, just as if they were attending the meeting live: they can raise their hands, discuss anything they feel is relevant and see any presentation - if they use the webshare functionality.

Our platform runs on Google Chrome and meeting participants need no hardware other than a telephone. This option is perfect for short calls and multilingual conversations. It is effective, user-friendly and ideal for people who are not technically minded. Participants and interpreters connect from wherever they are based and the interaction is no different from that of a conventional call in one language. If need be, the platform can also be used for calls with consecutive interpretation.

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