Live meetings

Are you organising a live, multilingual meeting? Interpreter booths, tour guide systems and tabletop microphones: Presence provides translation and interpreting tools for any type of live meeting or event. For total peace of mind, we also provide on-site technical support. Do you want to combine our hardware with your in-house system? No problem! Our technicians are flexible and can easily connect our equipment to your existing system.

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Interpreter booth

Presence interpreter booths are ISO-certified, soundproof and create the ideal working environment for two interpreters. The interpreters receive the sound clearly and directly through their headsets and they interpret through a dedicated console and microphone. The interpreter booth is often at the back of the room, giving the interpreters a good view of the participants without disturbing them.

Headsets & infrared receivers

At the start of live conferences and events, headsets and infrared receivers are issued to the audience. Each participant tunes in to the right channel to receive the appropriate interpretation through the headset.  For a more cost-effective alternative, the participants can also use their own smartphone instead of an infrared receiver.

Tabletop microphones and headsets

Live meetings with lots of interaction require strong technical support. Presence provides each participant with a tabletop microphone and with a headset. Whether it is a panel, round-table discussion, or conference, our dynamic translation tools help conversations and discussions run smoothly.

Tour guide systems

A tour guide system (also called a portable audio guide system or portable interpreter kit) is perfect for compact groups with a limited number of languages. The portable case contains the correct number of receivers, headsets and microphones for your group. The interpreter whispers into the microphone and the participants listen to the interpretation through a radio headset. Easy and budget-friendly!

Peripheral equipment

In addition to booths and headsets, Presence can also provide the setting for your live, multilingual meeting. Sound installations, microphones, screens, laptops and tablets: we have everything you need to offer a turnkey solution. Less paper, more on-screen? Our technical support is increasingly digital, which is positive for your ecological footprint.  


Would you like to place your live meeting in experienced and capable hands, from first check to final disassembly? Presence provides a technician to set up the system on time, test it accurately and make adjustments where necessary. Our expert will remain on-site during the meeting to ensure that your event runs smoothly and flawlessly.

The characteristics of a hybrid meeting

  • It is a combination of remote & “live” participants, speakers and sessions
  • Use of home device combined with “live hardware” on-site
  • Both on-site and remote technical assistance, meeting support and moderation

How does a hybrid meeting work?

Not everyone can attend your meeting in person? We have a solution for this!

Some of your participants can for example gather together in a conference room while other participants will follow the meeting remotely.

Our technician is on site to set up and test the hardware equipment (cameras, microphones, headsets) and the necessary systems. During the hybrid meeting, he sends the sound and video feeds to the interpreters in real time. This guarantees that all the participants receive the interpretation live and in real time.

Simultaneous interpretation may be required during your hybrid meeting, but the interpreters can work remotely. They receive sound in real-time via our technical solution and hardware equipment  and will be able to provide the participants with interpretation.

The Presence coordinator will be your SPOC (single point of contact). Due to the fact that this coordinator is in direct contact with you, the technician, and the interpreters, he/she is always aware of the status of every project and can, if needed, make instant changes in the requests.  

An online moderator facilitates the communication between online participants. He or she will make sure that your hybrid meeting runs smoothly.

Thanks to the hybrid set up, the note taker can also work from home since he/she can follow the meeting via our streaming solutions.

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What are the most common pitfalls of hybrid meetings?

After the COVID pandemic, companies are faced with a new challenge: hybrid meetings and events. But before you jump face-first into it, let’s learn from the 5 most common pitfalls that companies don't always expect to face.

  • Technical requirements

Link with existing systems/equipment needs to be tested to verify that everything works. Stable dedicated internet connection is needed to make sure your remote participants, speakers, interpreters and other stakeholders can follow the hybrid meeting smoothly.

  • Tech-savvy remote participants

Make sure that everyone is well prepared, provide them with a manual or guidelines on how to connect and on how to use the platform.

  • Meeting etiquette

When you attend an online meeting, it is important to observe some basic etiquette, just like for a live meeting. There are a number of things to watch out for. Read more about this here!

  • Legal compliance

What about data protection? Are firewall issues tackled upfront? Does your company allow you to download the app or to work with Chrome?

  • Difference in expectations/experiences

Don't forget that people on-site and remote have different expectations and experiences. Small talk at the coffee corner or via the laptop is not the same. Find out here how to make hyrbid meetings work!

Don’t get spooked by the complexity. We make sure you don’t forget anything!

How does an online meeting work?

A virtual platform, computer or smartphone and internet. That is all you need to set up a virtual meeting!

A virtual meeting is held by using a web browser application or an app that you can download on your computer or smartphone. Through this online meeting software, participants can interact with each other and follow the meeting from home.

Simultaneous interpretation might be necessary during your virtual meeting, but in this case the interpreters don't need to be on site, they can work remotely. Via our technical solution, they receive sound in real-time and will be able to provide the participants with interpretation.

Just like the interpreters, an online technician can be provided during your virtual meeting. He or she will be present before and during the meeting to set up, connect and test the necessary systems. Also during the online meeting the technician will be monitoring everything to make sure your meeting runs smoothly.

An online moderator will facilitate the communication between online participants. He or she will make sure that your virtual meeting runs smoothly.

Note taking is also possible during online meetings. We can make sure the note taker can work from home since he/she can follow the meeting via our streaming solutions.

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Choose the right platform for your virtual meeting

A lot is possible these days during your virtual or online meeting. Make sure you choose the perfect interactive meeting platform (like ZOOM, InEvent, VoiceBoxer, KUDO, Teams, ...).

Are you looking for an overview of all the different features our platforms offer for your virtual meeting? Decide which features your meeting or event should include by using our handy checklist! Depending on your wishes and needs we will advise you which virtual platform suits best!

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Live meetings

Presence, the expert in live multilingual meetings

With 20 years’ experience as an interpreting and translation agency, Presence is the expert in professional interpreter and translator services. We can provide interpreters in all world languages, including for online meetings and multilingual conference calls.

With our extensive network of native speakers, we can guarantee the highest level of live multilingual meeting support. Do you have special requirements? Tap into our worldwide network of interpreters and audiovisual partners. Are you looking for an interpreter for a specific language combination? Send us your request for multilingual meeting support. We look forward to organising a tailored solution to meet your language needs!

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